100 g/0.01 g Manlloro Flip Open Pocket Weighing Scale

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Model: CG-100

 Place scale on a horizontal flat surface press [ON/OFF] key to turn on the scale.
 Wait until "0.0" or "0.00" is displayed.
 Put the object(s) on the weighing platform. 
 Using the [MODE] key. you can switch between the weighing units.
 Turn on scale as described above.
 Place the "tare item" on the platform.
 Press [TARE] and wait until "0.0" or "0.00" is displayed. 
 Add the "net-weight-item".
 Turn on the scale by pressing [ON/OFF] key.
 Wait until the LCD displays "0.0" or "0.00" and then press and hold [MODE] key for 3   seconds the LCD will
 display "CAL" and then release the [MODE] key. 
 Press the [MODE] key again the LCD will display "CAL" followed by the required calibration  weight 
 Place the required weight on the scale the display will show "PASS". Calibration is  complete.
 Calibration: Auto calibration
 Tare range: Tare full capacity
 Operation temperature: 10-30° C 
 Display LCD 5 1/2" digits 
 Power: 2 x AAA batteries (NOT Included)