Small Polybag Ziplock Jewelry Weed Tobacco Pill Baggies

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Model: MYBZD1

U will receive 100 pcs

Awesome ziplock baggies to let people know U smoke that WEED. A must have for smokers. Smoking with fun.
This weed ziplock baggies are perfect for ur jewelry, small beads, craft supplies, medicine pills, tea, craft finger nail beads and WEED. Don't Get Stuck With the Boring Ones!
Easy to display items/foods inside of bag. Show some class with this distinctive weed baggies.
These ziplock baggies could be used to store pigment shadows, small trinkets like minerals, earings, necklaces, buttons etx. 

  • Size: 5 x 9 cm (2 x 3.5 inch) 
  • Package: 100 pcs